Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the costs of your organizational services?

Organizational services are discussed and agreed upon with clients prior to beginning work. Because every client is unique, hands-on work times will vary, therefore total costs will vary from client to client. Time estimates will be provided for each project, however clients will be charged according to actual hours of work. Clients will be charged an hourly rate of $40 per hour including consultation, action plan development, and on-site, hands-on work.

Do you charge for travel time?

If you live outside of the Lake Norman North Carolina area, there will be an hourly charge for travel time over 30 minutes.

What about supplies?

Supplies will vary from project to project based on the organizational and storage needs of your spaces. Organizational supplies and storage come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and prices. I will make a recommendation based on your needs, décor, and budget. Supply costs are separate from organizational fees listed above. You may shop for them on your own, with me, or have me do the shopping for you (hourly rate applies). Clients will reimburse Joanna for purchased items on the next work day.

How involved do I need to be in the process?

That’s up to you and your organizational project. Some projects I can do solo, but others will require your input and involvement to be successful. I will discuss with you at your in-home consultation how involved in the process you’d like to be.

How long will the organizing process take?

The amount of time from consultation to project completion depends on your specific spaces and organizational projects, your level of involvement, and the amount of de-cluttering required. Time estimates are included in the written Organization Plan you will receive after the consultation